Updates and Tools for AllClients White Label Partners

Workflow Emails to both contacts, Deal Views and more…

Workflow Send Email Can Include Other Contact
There is now an option when using Workflows to send an Email Template to include the Other Contact. Both contacts will receive the email when the box is checked. 

Advanced Search Options for Category, Category 2 and Source
We’ve added the options to search for Empty or Not Empty when using Category, Category 2 or Source.

Deal Updates
New Deal Field:  Won/Lost Reason
There is a new field in your Deal Header. It is to capture the reason your deal is closing or not. This will help you track what is working for you and what may need attention.

Deal:  Related Contacts Include Phone
We’ve added a column to show the phone number, and phone note, on the Related Contacts section of your Deal. This will save you a click when you need to call the contact.

Deals by Stage Report:  Filter by Deal Status
When using your Deals by Stage Report, you can now also filter the report to view Deals by a certain Deal Status.

Deal List:  Date Filter Enhancements
When on your Deal List, you could always filter by the Actual Closed Date. You can now also filter by the Created Date or Expected Close Date.

Deal List: New Deal List View
We have enhanced the columns you see when using the Deal List. In the Deal List View you will now see these columns:

Deal List New View:  Next Step
This view will at a glance tell you the next step for your Deals. It will help you track your progress and stay on top of your Deals. Choose this view in your Deal List View drop down.

Deal List New View:  Won/Lost Reason
The Won/Lost Reason View will give you at a glance details about what is working and what may need to be worked on to close more deals. Choose this view in your Deal List View drop down.

Workflow Add a Note Enhancement
When adding a note in Workflows, there used to be a short limit to the length of the note. We’ve extended this note to allow for 500 characters. 

Mail Merge Profile Enhancement
We’ve added functionality that the Mail Merge Profile will now strip spaces from the Email field. In the past if spaces were included, the user would get an invalid email error. Now we just remove the spaces and save the email.