Updates and Tools for AllClients White Label Partners

Beta version of Landing Pages

The BETA version of the new Landing Page editor is available. Something important to note:With the new Landing Pages, as soon as you move the

23 New Email Templates

We have 23 new Email Templates that you may add to your Email Template Library for your users. This group of templates include some templates

HIPAA Compliance

We are excited to announce that AllClients now offers a HIPAA compliant version of our software!  While the AllClients product already adheres to the highest

Emojis, Count Counter x3 and More…

Incorrectly Formatted Email Address AlertsOn a contact record, if the email address is not a valid email, there will be an alert next to the

Coming Soon – New Landing Pages

We’ve made great progress and want to tell you about something that is coming soon. We’re updating the Landing Page editor to work with the

New Navigation Coming (Real) Soon!

The new navigation is coming to your product soon. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch this video… The name changes we talk about in

10 New Landing Page Templates

Our development team has created some new Landing Page Templates to use and customize for your clients. Check the Templates out here: New Landing Page

Work with Contacts Marked Inactive

When you mark contacts as Inactive, you can no longer include them in ClientTouch (also known as Group Actions). We’ve recently had many people request