Email Blast Processing

We’ve updated the way we process Email Blasts. All of the processing is now done behind the scenes. Blasts are now much faster and more reliable. You will especially notice the difference with large blasts. 

We have changed the Blast screens. Take a look…

Sending Confirmation Screen
There is no longer just a long processing bar. You will now see what is included in the processing and names from the blast will entertain you. 

Email Blast Analytics with show Processed
We will show a processed section in the Email Blast Analytics Report. This will show the progress of the actual behind the scenes processing. Depending on the size of your blast, the actual processing could continue well after the above screen indicates. You may notice some emails are still being processed while others are being delivered.

Workflow Trigger enhancements, Workflow Notification enhancements and more…

Today we have a few new updates for your system. Check these out…

Action Sets are Called Workflows
We’ve found we were referring to Action Sets as Workflows more than Action Sets. We’ve officially changed the name in our system from Action Sets to Workflows. We will be using the term Workflow going forward. If you would like to update your system to call them Workflows, just email me.

3 Workflow Trigger Updates:

Pass Team ID
Based on great feedback from Workflow Trigger users, we’ve added the ability to pass through the teammemberid. This will do two important things for you:

  • Allow you to Add Contacts directly to Team User’s databases (Power Users and Independent Users).
  • Allow you to trigger the Workflow from a Team Member.

Use one name field
If your lead source uses one name field, you can use the fullname field to add the information to your system. We will split the name at the first space and add it as first name and last name.

Email is no longer required
The Email field is no longer required in a trigger. If you want to check for duplicates, you will need to use the email field, but if your lead source does not contain an email, you can still use a Workflow Trigger. Having one of these 3 fields is required: email, fullname or firstname.

2 Workflow Notification Updates:

Use the Mail Merge Email in your Email Notification
When creating an Email Notification in your Workflow, you can now use the mail merge code for the email to send the notification. Using this code will pull in the users email from the Mail Merge Profile. This does two things for you:

  • Allows you to create a Workflow in your Default Account with a built-in notification that will work without being updated to the user’s email.
  • Allows you to use with Teams and send the Notification to the Team Member that owns the Contact (Power Users and Independent Users will get the notifications when the Workflow is run from their contacts).

Email Notifications Include Contact Details
We’ve added some contact details directly to the Email Notification. You will now see the name, phone, email and source directly in the email without having to click on the notification. You will still be able to click to see the contact.

Are you using Workflow Triggers?
If you haven’t had me turn on Workflow Triggers, you should. Check out easy they are to use to integrate with things like Zapier:

Do you have a feature you want to see added?
We love your feedback and want to see the items you need to make your system better. Please use this link to submit new ideas you haven’t sent us before. This will add them to our tracking system:

Bookmark that URL and use it! 🙂

We have changed all of our support tools to start using HelpScout. You will notice our chat looks a little different and our Knowledge Base is a little different. We’re still here to help and now we have more tools available for that.

GDPR – Get Ready for Fresh Consent

You have worked hard to build a great email list, and you are sending regular marketing emails to that list.

But now here comes GDPR.

What the heck is GDPR?

The GDPR is a new regulation in the EU that addresses data protection and privacy for individuals within the European Union. It will take effect May 25, 2018.

If you process data that is capable of identifying an EU individual wholly or partly through automated means or manually as part of a filing system, then GDPR applies to you.

Fresh Consent

One major part of GDPR is the requirement that you get GDPR Compliant Consent before you are able to send out your marketing emails. GDPR Compliant Consent is much more involved than simply having people opt-in to your marketing lists, like in the olden days (pre May 25, 2018).

The problem here is that in most cases, you will have to go back to your lists and get new, fresh, documented, permission to continue sending them emails. And when people get an email asking if you can continue sending them more emails, they tend to ignore you, or take advantage of your offer to remove them from your list!

What you should do…NOW!

BEFORE you have to send that dreaded Fresh Consent email, asking again for permission to send emails, you should warm up your lists.
How to Warm up Your Lists
There are several ways to get your email recipients ready to say “Yes” to your Fresh Consent Email. Here are my 2 favorites:

1. Send them the good stuff!

Send them a few emails with good, valuable info about the subject matter your products and services solve. If you are a Real Estate agent, send emails with information about how to sell their house for the most money. Or how to find the best forcolsure deals before they hit the market.

Just good, valuable information – that’s it.

2. I have been remiss…

Send them an email telling them you have been remiss and have not kept in touch with them like you should. Tell them you want to do better and start sending them good emails with valuable content. Then send them a few emails using the strategy in #1 above.

Things to LEAVE OUT of your Warm Up Emails

Tell them great you are
Remind them that you have the best service
Tell them to call you for more information
Brag about your company
Mention that you have a sale going on

Remember the warm up emails are to get them to like you and to remember that you are a great source of valuable information. Leave the fluff out.
When to start this campaign
Now. Today. This minute.

More on GDPR

Stay tuned for more information on GDPR. AllClients will be fully compliant with GDPR by May 25, 2018. We will also be bringing our customers new features and functionality to help THEM also comply with this new and complex regulation.

3 Updates to Reports

Duplicate Contact Report Add to ClientTouch
You can now add a contact from the Duplicate Contact report to ClientTouch. You can use this to export a copy of the duplicates before you delete them, or print a list, etc. Click the ClientTouch Icon to add the contact. When the icon is green, the contact is included in the ClientTouch workgroup.


Duplicate Contact Report Search by Phone Number
The Duplicate Contact Report now has an option to search for duplicates using the phone number. This does search against all 4 phone number fields and will find matches across the fields.


Birthday & Anniversary Report Add to ClientTouch
You can now add the people from your Birthday and Anniversary Report to ClientTouch. Use the ClientTouch icon as described above to add the contacts to ClientTouch.
Warning: The system will include Primary & Other Contact names from ClientTouch. They will not be specific to only the person with the Birthday.

Email Queue Prioritization

We’ve tweaked the Email Queue so that large email blasts don’t hold up smaller emails. We’ve set up a priority system where smaller emails and system emails will send before a large blast. If the large blast is already sending, the blast will be paused while the smaller messages go ahead of it.

New Import Options for Duplicates

We’ve made two updates to the Import process.

Choose Duplicate Checking Method
You may now choose how you want to look for duplicates (if you want to skip duplicates on an import). Here are the new choices:

There is a third way you can have turned on if you want to have it. We also have the option to skip duplicates based on matching First Name + Last Name + Address. If you want to have this option in your system, just email us.

Download Skipped Duplicates
We’ve also added the option to download a list of duplicates that were skipped at the end of the import process.

Download Duplicates


New functionality allowing you to PUSH content to users

We are adding some additional functionality to the White Label default accounts that will make it easier for you to deploy content to your subscribers.

Specifically, now when you have Action Sets, Autoresponders, and To-Do Plans set up in the default accounts, those will copy to the user accounts when you first create them. Additionally, if you add content later, that content will now appear in the Samples area of the user’s system.

This can be a tricky situation depending on how you have things set up with your users. You want to clearly understand this new functionality so you don’t accidentally mess up the work flows that your customers are currently using!

We have created a document that details how each of these new functions work, review the document here. Please note: Due to the differences in Action Sets, Autoresponders, and To-do Plans this new functionality behaves slightly differently.

This new functionality is OFF by default. If you want it activated for your White Label product, please let me know and I will turn it on for you.

Recent, Autoresponder Alerts and Much More

Recent Added to Email, Letter, Landing Pages, Autoresponders and Action Sets

We’ve added a Recent to the Email Templates, Letter Templates, Landing Pages, Autoresponders and Action Sets. It lets you easily access the most recently modified template or plan.


Created Date on Email Templates

We’ve added the Created date to the list of Email Templates as you see in the sample above.

Missing Template Alert in Autoresponders

We’ve added an alert to show you at a glance that an Autoresponder may be missing a template in the steps. You will see this alert if an email template has been deleted that was once in a Autoresponder Step. Here is how it will appear in the List of Autoresponders:


And here is the detailed view of the Autoresponder with an Alert for missing templates:


Add Messages for Your Users on the Home Screen

You can now add reminders and alert messages to your Home Screen. You will go to your Admin and click on the Content Tab. Select the Content Zones. The new Content Zone is the Home Page – Top of Page.


Contacts with 10 or More Flags get Reformatted

We’ve noticed some users have many flags on their contacts. We’ve made some adjustments so that if a contact has more than 10 flags the flags are smaller so there is less scrolling to see the notes. This will happen automatically when a contact is assigned more than 10 flags.


Confirmation of Save in Landing Pages

When you are making changes to a tab in Landing Pages, there is now a confirmation that your changes have been saved. This will work when you click Apply Changes on every tab, except the Edit Content Tab (this tab works different and doesn’t save the same).

Line Spacing in the Editor

Our editor now uses Enter for line spacing instead of paragraph spacing. What this means is that if you use the Enter key in the Editor, it will only go down one line instead of adding a paragraph break and going down 2 lines.

Advanced Search for Add Date is On

We’ve added an option in Advanced Search. You can now search for an Add Date that has been added on a certain day.

Copy Action Sets from Default Accounts for New Accounts

We now have the ability to copy Action Sets from a default account for new accounts. This is an option that you will need to have turned on. If you are interested in this, please let us know and we will get this added to your account.

Grouping Selected Flags

In Flags, when you click from a Contact to edit the Flags, all of the selected Flags for the Contact will be grouped at the top of the list. This will be helpful to users with large Flag libraries. Check out how it will look.


Intelligent Links are Coming Soon – we need your input!

We are FINALLY getting to building the much anticipated feature: “Intelligent Links”. This is something we have wanted to build ever since we built Action Sets.

In a nutshell, you will be able to identify specific links in your emails, and when someone clicks on your special link, it will trigger a pre-setup Action Set for that contact in your database.

Jeff’s Example: You have an email that asks how interested a contact is in your product. Depending on what they click, a different Action Set is triggered.

Are you excited???

We need your help so we make sure what we are building is the RIGHT thing!

Can you please let me know this:

1. Will you use it?

2. How will you use it?

3. Can you give me specific, REAL, use-cases. ie. what will your email say? how many links will be in there? what will the Action Sets do?

4. What happens when a contact clicks a link and then clicks the same link 3 days later? Is that click ignored? Or does the Action Set run again?

5. Anything else you want to tell me to make sure this feature does what you want.

Thanks much and Hurry! We just figured out how to do the hard part, now we are fine-tuning!