Updates and Tools for AllClients White Label Partners

Texting in AllClients is Growing Up!

We are working on adding texting features to the product and we are getting ready to roll out some initial updates this week.

In the next update, look for these new texting features:

1. Text Message Template Library – Build text templates for text messages you send out on a regular basis, and use those templates when you build your workflows.

2. Mail Merge Fields in Text Messages – Now you can personalize your texts using Mail Merged fields.

3. Up to 500 Character Messages – The character limit in texts has been increased from 160 to 500 characters.

These are just some initial updates. We are also working on these new features and hope to bring them to you soon:

4. Enhanced text phone number opt-in capabilities.

5. Text blasting from ClientTouch.

6. Incoming keyword recognition that automatically trigger workflows.

Please be reminded that you must have VoiceTouch activated for each of your clients who want to incorporate Text Messaging into their marketing efforts. VoiceTouch is $10 per phone number, plus you will need a Twilio account for phone and text credits.