Intelligent Links are Coming Soon – we need your input!

We are FINALLY getting to building the much anticipated feature: “Intelligent Links”. This is something we have wanted to build ever since we built Action Sets.

In a nutshell, you will be able to identify specific links in your emails, and when someone clicks on your special link, it will trigger a pre-setup Action Set for that contact in your database.

Jeff’s Example: You have an email that asks how interested a contact is in your product. Depending on what they click, a different Action Set is triggered.

Are you excited???

We need your help so we make sure what we are building is the RIGHT thing!

Can you please let me know this:

1. Will you use it?

2. How will you use it?

3. Can you give me specific, REAL, use-cases. ie. what will your email say? how many links will be in there? what will the Action Sets do?

4. What happens when a contact clicks a link and then clicks the same link 3 days later? Is that click ignored? Or does the Action Set run again?

5. Anything else you want to tell me to make sure this feature does what you want.

Thanks much and Hurry! We just figured out how to do the hard part, now we are fine-tuning!


Faster Processing, Autoresponders to Third Parties and New Search Options

We’re Faster

We’ve spent some time optimizing the processes behind the scenes. You may notice some faster processing.


Send an Autoresponder Message to a Third Party 

We have added the ability to send an email in an Autoresponder series to a third party. You can send something to a Fulfillment House, another person involved in the transaction or an assistant/team member. The uses are numerous.

Take a look at this video to learn more about it:



Enhanced Search

We also have enhanced the Search. It used to Search the name, company and email fields. Most searches are just for the name. We’ve modified the system to now just search name. On the page the results are listed, we’ve added the ability to then look for that same information in the company, emails, phone numbers, address, city or state.


We will be launching these new features to your system in the next few days.

Landing Page Folders and Administrative Tools

Landing Page Folders

We’ve added folders to your list of Landing Pages. You can now keep pages grouped with folders. You will see the folder option in the new drop down on the far right (page copy and page delete are also in the drop down to make room for the folder feature).


Landing Page Settings is Now Advanced

When you are creating a Landing Page, the Settings tab has been renamed to Advanced and is moved down in the tab order. The renaming of the page has moved from that tab to the top of screen.


New Merge Options

In Email Templates, Insert Mail Merge Fields will now allow you to insert the merge fields for date and mailing address.


Clean Up

A few fixes and administrative things were cleaned up too. For example, you can now copy and paste an email into the notes and it will save without having to manually remove the HTML tags (< >).


Administrative Tools  – Communications Account & Group Changes

You can create a “Communications Account” – a special account that syncs all of the information in your accounts into one account. With this account, you can use the system to communicate with your own customers.

You can also move contacts from one group to another group to change the defaults.

Enhancements to the List of Landing Pages

We are updating the page that shows the List of Landing Pages.

You will now have the ability to preview a Landing Page in a new browser window by clicking an icon right from the List Page. You won’t have to copy and paste the link any longer.

We’ve moved the Links & HTML to a drop down.  Here is a preview of what that page will look like:


Review this help article  to show this page in more detail.

We will be launching this new feature in the next few days.

Add a Custom Message to Your Login Screen and New Landing Page Multi-Line Text Fields

Two more cool things are going to be included in your upcoming update. You’ll love them!

Custom Message on Your Login Screen

You can now add a custom message to your login screen. Check out this article to learn how to set it up. Bonus note, this is the start of a new feature/tool that will be used throughout your system, not just on the login screen.


Landing Page Multi-Line Text Fields

Landing Pages have a new type of field you can add. We are calling it Multi-Line Text Field. It will look like this:

Multi-Line Field

We’ve Added Progressive Landing Pages, Landing Pages can Create Deals, Single Name Forms, Enhancement Look on Email Attachments, Email Blast Analytics Link and Updates to the Birthday Assistant

Progressive Landing Pages

Progressive Landing Pages are in your system now – you may not have seen them.
Progressive Landing Pages allow you to gather more information from visitors without overwhelming them or scaring them away.

Here’s how they work – watch the video –




Landing Page Create a Deal

Use this feature to have information collected in a Landing Page submission start a deal automatically.



Landing Page – Single Name Field

Use this Landing Page option to only ask for one name on a Landing Page.

See how this will work here –



Email Attachments

Email Attachments will be more noticeable on emails sent through the system.




Email Blast Analytics

When you send an Email Blast, you will see a link to the Email Blast Analytics on the home screen for the next few days for faster reference.



Birthday Assistant Names

When using the Birthday Assistant, the First Name merge will now only include the name of the person’s who is having the birthday, even if used in the subject line.

We will be launching these great new features over the next few nights. Feel free to add these help videos to your help pages.