Customize Your Contact Tabs and Automate Your Workflow in VoiceTouch

This week’s update will have 2 new features.

Customize Contact Tabs

Have you ever wanted to hide tabs on the contact record that you don’t use? Or change the tab order so that the tab you use the most is at the top of the tab list?

Each user can now customize how they see the Contact Tabs. You can drag to re-order all of the tabs or hide those you don’t use. The top tab will be the tab you see when they visit a contact. The Notes tab can not be hidden, but it can be moved.



Automate Your Workflow in VoiceTouch

If you are using our VoiceTouch system, you may now Trigger Intelligent Actions when someone calls an extension. You create a contact, add flags and trigger an Action Set. This is what is will look like in the Extension set-up screen.


Video Email, Automated Deal Stages, Pending Autoresponder Details and Action Set Updates

We’ve got some great new things in our latest update. Check them out!

Video Email

Include videos in your emails with our new Video Email options. Take a look at how it works:


Click here to get the Email Templates you need to use in your accounts.


Attach Action Sets to Deal Stages

Automate your workflow in the Deals by attaching Action Sets to Deal Stages.



View Details of Pending Autoresponders

You can now see the details on Pending Autoresponders. This is especially helpful for your support team.

PendingAutoresponder (1)


Use Single To-Do’s in Your Action Sets

We’ve added the ability to add a single To-Do to an Action Set. Before you could add a To-Do Plan, now you can also do a single To-Do.


Send Longer Email Notifications in Your Action Sets

We’ve increased the space in the Action Set Send Email Notification. You can now send longer emails.

Some of these features are complex. Please let us know if you need help getting them going. You will want to add these videos to your help videos also. Let us know if you need help with that too.

New Look to the Contact Record and Updated Account Log Reporting

New Look to the Contact Record

We’ve just launched an update that has streamlined the Contact Screen. It allows for better alignment with the new wider screen.

Contact 3 (1)


Account Log Report

We’ve also updated the Account Log report. This report is viewable by the Account Owner. It tracks Activity in the account. In the past it would track the deleting of contacts (who and when) also exports and group edits. We’ve expanded this report. It will now track additions, edits and deletions of all Settings. This includes:  Emails, Landing Pages, Autoresponders, Flags, Categories, Team Members, etc.

This will be very helpful for Teams. It will show which team member is making changes and when. More importantly, it will help your support teams know if something was changed or deleted. The Account Log can not be modified. Information is stored for 90 days. We will be adding more tracking to this report in the next few weeks. Check it out!

AccountLog (1)


Updates to Spell Check, Merging Full Names, Printing the Referral Tree and Postal Codes

We’ve made a few minor updates to your system this week.

Spell Check

We’ve added back the ability to use the browser spell check with the editor. You will again see the red underlined words when there is a misspelling in the templates.

Merge Full Name

We’ve added a merge field for the Full Name. This one field will merge in the first and last names of both contacts.

Print Your Referral Tree

We’ve added a print button to the Referral Tree Report page.

Zip is now Postal Codes in Imports

We’ve changed the term in the Import Field Matching Wizard from Zip to Postal Code. It will still recognized columns labeled zip or zip code. We will just call it Postal Code.

New Editor is On, Insert Template Option in Editor and Admin Account Enhancements

We’ve made a few small updates I want to make sure you know about.

New Editor is On

The new editor is turned on by default as I mentioned we would be doing.

Insert Template Option in Editor

We added an editing icon to the email editor. It is called Insert Template. There are a few shortcut codes you can use to limit the width of your email (and include the header and footer).

Admin Account Enhancements – VoiceTouch and Search All

In your Admin Account, we’ve added 2 new features:

  1. If you are using the VoiceTouch phone system, you will see a column called VT, you will see the number of active phone numbers on the account from the Admin List. You can click the column header to sort also.
  2. If you have accounts in multiple groups, you can now select the group (Search All) to search for an account faster.

Update on the Rollout of the New Editor

Recently we told you about the introduction of a new editor to be used in Emails, Letters and Landing Pages.

We’ve had a successful transition so far and are ready to progress in the rollout. We will be updating your account this week to default to having the new editor on.

You will continue to have access to both editors until we transition fully to the new editor.

To switch back to the old editor in one of your accounts, sign in. Change the url to end with /config.aspx.  So in AllClients, we go to This page will have a box to check and a Save button. To turn off the new editor, click to switch and save your changes. To switch back, go back to this page and unclick the option and save.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

New Editor, International Date Formatting in our Mobile Version and Configure the Number of To-Do’s per page

We’ve introduced a new editor. It is used in Emails, Letters and Landing Pages. We will be rolling it out slowly. You have access to both editors until we transition fully to the new editor.
Some benefits of the new editor:  it can be used with mobile devices, images can be edited, re-sized and cropped, and my personal favorite, you can now copy and paste from other sources without losing your line spacing.

To turn on the editor in one of your accounts, sign in. Change the url to end with /config.aspx.  So in AllClients, we go to This page will have a box to check and a Save button. To turn on the new editor, click to enable. To switch back, go back to this page and unclick the enable and save.

Here are two videos that feature the new editor:

Inserting Images


Mobile Version – International Date

International date formatting is now available on the mobile version.


Configure the To-Do List Items Per Page

You may configure the number of To-Do’s you see in your To-Do list. Select the option from the bottom of the To-Do List Page.


Assign To-Do’s to Your Team

For our customers using the Team Functions, we have added the ability for Power Users and Independent Users to assign to-do’s to the Team Leaders and Administrators, and vice-versa.

This is a valuable feature when The Team Leader and Administrators are helping the Power User complete tasks that apply to contacts in the Power User’s database.

You will see the additional options when creating the To-Do in the “Assign to” dropdown list, and also on the Re-Assign option from the To-Do List.

Social Connector, Options in Landing Page Extra Fields and a New Birthday Assistant Icon

Social Connector

We’ve added a new Social Connector. You can now view and access your contact’s Social Media accounts right from the Contact Record. It uses your contact’s email address to find their Social Media accounts and adds them to the Contact Record automatically. Watch how easy it is to use:



For more information, click here to read our Knowledge Base articles about the Social Connector.

You can have this “on”, “off”, “optional, default off” (per account), “optional, default on” (per account). Let us know if you want to have this turned on.


Landing Page Extra Fields Adjusted

One update was made to Landing Page Forms, you can now have the Contact Fields display after the Extra Fields. If you are using Extra Fields, you will now see this option on the left column on the Form Tab.


Birthday Assistant Icon

We’ve updated the Birthday Assistant Notes. It now has a birthday icon when it adds a note. And we’ve now included the Analytics with the emails that are sent automatically.