Action Set Delays – Do you want them first?

We have a new upgrade to Action Sets. We’ve added delays. Delays let you pause an Action Set for minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, etc. This will let you further automate your tasks. Take a look at how it works:


With Action Set delays, you will be able to manage pending Action Sets from the Action Set tab on the contact record. Pending Action Sets will show the same way pending Autoresponders do. An optional step has also been added to stop all pending Action Sets.

Would you like to be one of the first to have this feature? We have just finished testing and are rolling it out slow. If you would like it turned on in your system, email us

New functionality allowing you to PUSH content to users

We are adding some additional functionality to the White Label default accounts that will make it easier for you to deploy content to your subscribers.

Specifically, now when you have Action Sets, Autoresponders, and To-Do Plans set up in the default accounts, those will copy to the user accounts when you first create them. Additionally, if you add content later, that content will now appear in the Samples area of the user’s system.

This can be a tricky situation depending on how you have things set up with your users. You want to clearly understand this new functionality so you don’t accidentally mess up the work flows that your customers are currently using!

We have created a document that details how each of these new functions work, review the document here. Please note: Due to the differences in Action Sets, Autoresponders, and To-do Plans this new functionality behaves slightly differently.

This new functionality is OFF by default. If you want it activated for your White Label product, please let me know and I will turn it on for you.

Recent, Autoresponder Alerts and Much More

Recent Added to Email, Letter, Landing Pages, Autoresponders and Action Sets

We’ve added a Recent to the Email Templates, Letter Templates, Landing Pages, Autoresponders and Action Sets. It lets you easily access the most recently modified template or plan.


Created Date on Email Templates

We’ve added the Created date to the list of Email Templates as you see in the sample above.

Missing Template Alert in Autoresponders

We’ve added an alert to show you at a glance that an Autoresponder may be missing a template in the steps. You will see this alert if an email template has been deleted that was once in a Autoresponder Step. Here is how it will appear in the List of Autoresponders:


And here is the detailed view of the Autoresponder with an Alert for missing templates:


Add Messages for Your Users on the Home Screen

You can now add reminders and alert messages to your Home Screen. You will go to your Admin and click on the Content Tab. Select the Content Zones. The new Content Zone is the Home Page – Top of Page.


Contacts with 10 or More Flags get Reformatted

We’ve noticed some users have many flags on their contacts. We’ve made some adjustments so that if a contact has more than 10 flags the flags are smaller so there is less scrolling to see the notes. This will happen automatically when a contact is assigned more than 10 flags.


Confirmation of Save in Landing Pages

When you are making changes to a tab in Landing Pages, there is now a confirmation that your changes have been saved. This will work when you click Apply Changes on every tab, except the Edit Content Tab (this tab works different and doesn’t save the same).

Line Spacing in the Editor

Our editor now uses Enter for line spacing instead of paragraph spacing. What this means is that if you use the Enter key in the Editor, it will only go down one line instead of adding a paragraph break and going down 2 lines.

Advanced Search for Add Date is On

We’ve added an option in Advanced Search. You can now search for an Add Date that has been added on a certain day.

Copy Action Sets from Default Accounts for New Accounts

We now have the ability to copy Action Sets from a default account for new accounts. This is an option that you will need to have turned on. If you are interested in this, please let us know and we will get this added to your account.

Home Tab in Admin, Removal of Notifications with Bounced Addresses and New Font Size Options

Home Tab in your Admin Account

When you sign into your admin account you will now have a tab called Home. This will link you to our latest blogs, support and also provide a few important reminders. You will be able to click the Accounts tab to get to your account list.


Email Reputation Enhancement Removes Bounces

We’ve taken steps to help keep your Email Reputation clean. In the past if an email address that was in the notifications or Agenda Assistant bounced, we would keep that address and continue to email it. From now on, if a notification email bounces, the email will be removed so that you do not continue to email a bad address. We will document that this was done in reports, under the Account Log, Activity Log.

New Font Size Options

We’ve added new font size options to the editor:
9pt * new
11pt * new
16pt * new
30pt * new

Rename Action Sets Option

We’ve introduced the ability to change the name Action Set. You can now call that function whatever you would like (although we are limited by space).

We will still call them Action Sets in AllClients so that term may show up in some of video tutorials.

We will be making versions of the specific Action Set videos that include the name as Workflows and one with the name as Follow Up Plans. If you’d like to use one of those options, we will provide the modified videos.

Let us know if you would like to make a change and we will roll it out in the next update.

Updates to Action Sets

We’ve made a few enhancements to the Action Set process.

New Tab on Contact Record – Action Sets

We added a new tab to each contact record called Action Sets. This tab will track Active and Completed Action Sets for that contact. You can use the Customize the Contact Card feature to move this tab around in the list.


New Look in Creating Action Sets

We’ve made some modifications to creating Action Sets too. We’ve modified the look and added Color to the steps. We also added a new Compress View option to allow you to view more steps without scrolling.


Enhancements to the List of Email Templates, the Duplicate Contacts Report and the Advanced Search

List of Email Templates Enhancements

We’ve adjusted the layout of the list of Email Templates. This is setting the stage for some further enhancements that will be coming. Your Email Templates will now look like this:


You can share or delete without the page reloading which will keep your place if you have a long list of templates.

Duplicate Contacts Report Check Other Email

We’ve also added Other Email to the Duplicate Contacts Report. We now identify if the email in the Other Email is a duplicate in the system.

Advanced Search Remembers Your Page

The Advanced Search will now remember your page. If you leave and come back, it will bring you back to the page you were on.

New Intelligent Links and Note Icons

We are getting ready to release an update with Intelligent Links and Note Icons.
The Marketing Angle for Intelligent Links
Don’t just put ordinary links in your emails – make your links intelligent! With Intelligent Links you can see who is clicking on what links. Then have AllClients automatically update their contact record, stop and start autoresponders, and notify you via text or email.
Please watch the 2 Videos explaining Intelligent Links:
New Notes Icons
We also added some icons to the notes to try to make things clearer. It also adds a splash of color.

Grouping Selected Flags

In Flags, when you click from a Contact to edit the Flags, all of the selected Flags for the Contact will be grouped at the top of the list. This will be helpful to users with large Flag libraries. Check out how it will look.