Workflow Trigger enhancements, Workflow Notification enhancements and more…

Today we have a few new updates for your system. Check these out…

Action Sets are Called Workflows
We’ve found we were referring to Action Sets as Workflows more than Action Sets. We’ve officially changed the name in our system from Action Sets to Workflows. We will be using the term Workflow going forward. If you would like to update your system to call them Workflows, just email me.

3 Workflow Trigger Updates:

Pass Team ID
Based on great feedback from Workflow Trigger users, we’ve added the ability to pass through the teammemberid. This will do two important things for you:

  • Allow you to Add Contacts directly to Team User’s databases (Power Users and Independent Users).
  • Allow you to trigger the Workflow from a Team Member.

Use one name field
If your lead source uses one name field, you can use the fullname field to add the information to your system. We will split the name at the first space and add it as first name and last name.

Email is no longer required
The Email field is no longer required in a trigger. If you want to check for duplicates, you will need to use the email field, but if your lead source does not contain an email, you can still use a Workflow Trigger. Having one of these 3 fields is required: email, fullname or firstname.

2 Workflow Notification Updates:

Use the Mail Merge Email in your Email Notification
When creating an Email Notification in your Workflow, you can now use the mail merge code for the email to send the notification. Using this code will pull in the users email from the Mail Merge Profile. This does two things for you:

  • Allows you to create a Workflow in your Default Account with a built-in notification that will work without being updated to the user’s email.
  • Allows you to use with Teams and send the Notification to the Team Member that owns the Contact (Power Users and Independent Users will get the notifications when the Workflow is run from their contacts).

Email Notifications Include Contact Details
We’ve added some contact details directly to the Email Notification. You will now see the name, phone, email and source directly in the email without having to click on the notification. You will still be able to click to see the contact.

Are you using Workflow Triggers?
If you haven’t had me turn on Workflow Triggers, you should. Check out easy they are to use to integrate with things like Zapier:

Do you have a feature you want to see added?
We love your feedback and want to see the items you need to make your system better. Please use this link to submit new ideas you haven’t sent us before. This will add them to our tracking system:

Bookmark that URL and use it! 🙂

We have changed all of our support tools to start using HelpScout. You will notice our chat looks a little different and our Knowledge Base is a little different. We’re still here to help and now we have more tools available for that.

Coming Soon: Workflow Triggers

Ooooh – I think you are REALLY going to like this one!

We just built a new feature called “Workflow Triggers”.

In the olden days (yesterday) if you wanted to add contacts to the database from an outside source and then start a workflow, there were several steps involved. Plus you needed a certain level of technical expertise to do it right. See figure 1:

You also had to share the keys to the kingdom (API Keys) with your developer. And as you know, sharing API keys with the outside world is not a great idea…unless you absolutely have to.

Enter WorkFlow Triggers: Now you can accomplish the same thing in one simple step and without technical help. It’s so easy, even I can do it!

When you go into a Workflow, you will see the new Workflow Triggers link here:

Enabling the Trigger for this Workflow will give you this screen:

A unique URL will be generated that you will use to tell your outside lead source how to handle that contact. 

Here are some of the Workflow Trigger benefits:

  • One API call for you or your programmer. (No need to research and learn our full API)
  • Built in documentation for your programmer. (Instructions included at same URL)
  • All business logic/rules are defined in the User Interface. Programmer is not needed to change the triggered Workflow.
  • Much faster development time.
  • Programmer does not need full API Keys.
  • Easy to have new Workflows defined for each new type of lead source.
  • Easy to update duplicate contact rules.
  • Easy to remove this trigger or update the URL.

We need a few partners to try this out and give us feedback, and then we will roll it out to everyone.

Please reach out to Support if you want to be an early adopter. And let us know if you think you will use this new functionality.

Copy Saved Searches from Default Accounts, Copy Contact Counter Widgets and more

Copy Saved Searches from Default Accounts
When you create a Saved Search in the Default Account, that search will now copy into the new accounts you create. You no longer have to recreate this search manually.

Copy Contact Counter Widget from Default Accounts
The Contact Counter Widget relies on Saved Searches to create the counts it displays. Now that you can copy Saved Searches from the Default Account, we have made it so you can copy the Contact Counter Widgets to the new account Dashboards too.

New Columns added to Category 2 and Source in Settings
When you are in Settings, and you click on Category 2 or Source, you will now see a count of the contacts in each of the library values. This will be good to know before you edit or delete a library value.

Hide ClientTouch and/or Reports
We’ve made it so that you can hide ClientTouch or Reports if your users will not be using these features.

Adjust Email Credits for Individual Accounts

We have given you the ability to add one time Email Credits (Purchased Email Credits) or to adjust the monthly amount of Free Email Credits for just one account at a time. From your Admin Panel, click the Account Name and you will see the option to edit the Email Credits.

Purchased Email Credits stay on the account until they are used and only get used once the monthly allotted credits are used. To change the monthly Free Email Credits, for everyone, email support and we can update your account configurations.

Check it out!

Access the Basic Editor Faster

When you click to Add Email Template, you see a page of the existing templates. If you wanted to use the old “Classic” Editor, you had to scroll past all of the templates and click the link at the bottom of the page. We’ve made this easier.

The new text at the top of the page will be:  Start by Selecting a Sample Below or Advanced Editor (Blank)  or Basic Editor (Blank).

We’ve renamed the Classic Editor to the Basic Editor (it is not going anywhere) and we’ve made it a button choice a the top of the page. The option still exists at the bottom of the page too for those that like to scroll.

Highlight Selected To-Do’s, Select Email Templates and Edit the Calendar of Another User

Highlight Selections on the To-Do List
When you use the checkboxes on the To-Do List, we’ve now added a blue highlight so you can easily see which To-Do’s you’ve selected. 

Select Email Templates
We’ve Added the option to select Email Templates to then perform a group action. The available group actions are Move to Folder, Delete or Export.

Click the check-boxes to select a template. As templates are selected, they will highlight blue.

Edit the Calendar of Another User
In the past you had the option of viewing calendars for other users. We’ve now added the option to allow users to edit the calendar of other users.

This option will be set to Deny in the Team Settings, User Permissions. It will only work for the Account Owner out of the gate, bur your users can turn it on for their teams.

Sort To-Do’s, Trigger Action Sets, Choose your View and More

Sort the To-Do List
Click the column headers to sort the main To-Do List by that column. Use this to group like To-Do’s, group To-Do’s by Contact, group To-Do’s by Priority or Due Date and more. Your users are going to find this super helpful!

Autoresponder Completion Assistant Can Trigger an Action Set
We’ve add the option of triggering an Action Set (Workflow) with the Completion Assistant. This lets you trigger even more options than before.

Choose How Many Contacts to View
In your Contact List, you can now choose if you want to view 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100 Contacts at a time. This is helpful for people that would rather scroll on one page than click to view page by page.

Birthday and Anniversary Report Includes the Phone Number
We’ve added the phone number to the Birthday and Anniversary Report. You can now use that Report to reach out and call your contacts for their special day.

Search Your Team Databases for Duplicates
The Duplicate Contact Report now offers a report of duplicate contacts within multiple databases. The Account Owner and/or Account Administrators will now be able to pull up this report to search within All Databases for duplicates.

Trigger an Action Set with Text-to-Join
Instead of just triggering an Autoresponder, your Text-to-Join now offers the option of triggering an Action Set (Workflow).

Add Contact Photos Automatically and Change Attachment Names

Auto-Download Contact Pictures
Users can now set their accounts to auto-download Social Connector photos. Turn on this option by clicking the Customize This Screen on the bottom of a Contact Card.

Once this option is on, when a Social Connector match is found, the photo is added to the contact photo. You can still use your own photos, or choose a different Social Connector photo.

Change the File Name on a Contact Attachment
Uploading an attachment with the same file name as an existing file will overwrite the existing file. We have added the option to change the file name of a saved Contact Attachment. Click the pencil to edit the name.