Add Contact Photos Automatically and Change Attachment Names

Auto-Download Contact Pictures
Users can now set their accounts to auto-download Social Connector photos. Turn on this option by clicking the Customize This Screen on the bottom of a Contact Card.

Once this option is on, when a Social Connector match is found, the photo is added to the contact photo. You can still use your own photos, or choose a different Social Connector photo.

Change the File Name on a Contact Attachment
Uploading an attachment with the same file name as an existing file will overwrite the existing file. We have added the option to change the file name of a saved Contact Attachment. Click the pencil to edit the name.

9 New Email Templates

We’ve added 9 new Email Templates for you to add to your system. Get the instructions on how to download the XML file to import to your accounts here: Email Templates.

We’ve included Holiday designs so you will want to do this soon!

If you are not yet using the new Content Designer, email support to get set up today.

Tracking Password Changes, Using Action Sets to set Custom Field Values and more

Account Log Report – Password Changes
We’ve added tracking for changes to a password for both the account owner and team user to the Account Log Report.

Action Set – Set Custom Field Value
You may now add or edit a value in the Custom Fields with your Action Set. This works with the check boxes, the drop downs and also the text fields.

Advanced Search – No Open To-Do’s
Search for contacts that do not have an open To-Do. This will help you keep track of any contacts that may have fallen through the cracks and need some follow up.

Custom Action Set Actions – Asking for User Input
As you know, you can create Custom Action Set Items for your users. There is now an option for a user input parameter. Check out how it works on our Developer Blog.

Reset Bounces, Search for Contact To-Do’s, and See Spam Complaints

Clear Email Bounces
We’ve added an admin tool for you to clear the Bounces on a client’s account. This will be used when there is an issue with the from address that causes bounces that are not bounces because of a true issue with the contact email. You will find this in your Admin Panel when you click on the user account.


Advanced Search – Search To-Do’s
You can now search for contacts that have Open To-Do’s, Complete To-Do’s, Open or Completed To-Do’s or have no To-Do’s.


Email Info Center – Click to See Spam Complaints
If you are using our Email Info Center on your Home Screen, when there are Spam Complaints, you can now click to see who complained and when they complained.


3 Features to Manage Opt-Ins

We’ve added 3 new features that will help you manage your opt-ins.

Required Checkbox for Landing Pages
This is an Extra Field you can add to a Landing Page. It must be checked before your prospect can click the Submit. Each user can add their own text (unlimited).

Advanced Search – Search by Type of Opt-In
You can search your opt-ins by the type of consent.

Confirm Consent of an Opted-In Contact
When you want to confirm a contact wants to continue to receive information from you, use our Mail Merge Field Opt-In Confirmation Link.

Texting Updates, Dashboard Additions, New User Interface and More

Our 2nd annual White Label Partner Summit was just this week (AMAZING!). We showed you many of these updates at this event. We are excited to bring them to your system.

Please read all of this post as some of these updates are in Beta. You can request to have these added to your system. Let us know which of them you want turned on.

These are updates you will be receiving:

Deal – Related Contacts Add to ClientTouch
Add all of the contacts related to a Deal to ClientTouch with the click of a button. This makes sending email updates or assigning tasks to the group quick and easy.

Dashboard Tabs

Add tabs to your customizable Dashboard. This allows for you to add more widgets and further customize the system without as much clutter in one tab. Right click to rename, move or delete the tab.

Widget Recent Settings
This new widget makes it really easy to go back to what you were working on.

Widget Contact Card

Quickly link to a contact card from the Dashboard. If you just want to call, you will have the phone number available without leaving the Dashboard.

Contact Card Add to Dashboard Icon

Add a contact card to the Dashboard quickly, right from the contact card. Just click this new handy icon.

Lading Page Add to Dashboard Icon
Add a Landing Page to your Dashboard with the extra handy icon right on the Landing Page set up page. This lets you track your Landing Page on the Dashboard.

Action Set: Pause Until Time of Day

This pauses an Action Set until a set time of Day.

Action Set: Stop If

This will stop an Action Set if there are specific changes to Categories, Sources or Flags.

Action Set: Continue Only If

This Action Set Action will continue the Action Set only if a set value is set to Categories, Sources or Flags.

Action Set: Review Pending Steps

This new option will let you review the pending steps of an Action Set from the contact card.

New Flag Designs, Icons & Colors

When creating new Flags, you now have more icon choices and you can now pick the background color and the icon. So many options! And so fun!

Texting Opt-In/Opt-Out

Contacts may now opt-out for texting (text STOP) and re-opt-in by texting START. Icons on the contact card will identify opted in and opted opt phone numbers.

Text from the Contact Widget

The new Contact Widget will have the green opt-in icon next to phone numbers that are opted-in for texting. Click this green icon and it opens the texting window.

Advanced Search Option Opted-In for Texting
You can now search for all of your contacts that opted-in for texting (or not opted-in for texting).


Contact List Opted-In for Texting Icon
Add this texting opt-in status to your Contact List and sort or identify opted-in contacts for texting at a glance.

Advanced Search – Note that you are Viewing Saved Search

When you are in a saved search, the Advanced Search screen will show which saved search you are currently viewing at the top of the page.

Advanced Search – Update Existing Saved Search

You can now make changes to a saved search without renaming and re-saving as a new search. When saving the search, choose update existing saved search and choose which search you are updating.

Pretty Email Templates

When you are adding a new email template, you now have the option of using our pretty template builder or starting from a blank canvas.


Graph Interface
This new graph interface will change the way the currently graphs look and operate ever so slightly. In the future, this tool will allow us to do more with our graphs.


These are updates that in Beta. Let me know if you want them in your system:

Beta:  Custom Field Types
Custom Fields may now be Text, Check boxes or Drop Downs. 

Beta:  Custom Field Type Clean Up Tool
Work with your Custom Fields to make sure the data is exactly the way it should be.

Beta:  Modern UI

A whole new look and feel for your system. If you would like this added to your system, let’s talk about the color theme you would like…

Beta:  Action Set: Texting

There are now texting options in Action Sets. You do have to be opted-in for texting for any of these features to function.

Make sure you are up on all of the latest additions to the API. Check out the newest additions on the Developers Blog.

GDPR – Get Ready for Fresh Consent

You have worked hard to build a great email list, and you are sending regular marketing emails to that list.

But now here comes GDPR.

What the heck is GDPR?

The GDPR is a new regulation in the EU that addresses data protection and privacy for individuals within the European Union. It will take effect May 25, 2018.

If you process data that is capable of identifying an EU individual wholly or partly through automated means or manually as part of a filing system, then GDPR applies to you.

Fresh Consent

One major part of GDPR is the requirement that you get GDPR Compliant Consent before you are able to send out your marketing emails. GDPR Compliant Consent is much more involved than simply having people opt-in to your marketing lists, like in the olden days (pre May 25, 2018).

The problem here is that in most cases, you will have to go back to your lists and get new, fresh, documented, permission to continue sending them emails. And when people get an email asking if you can continue sending them more emails, they tend to ignore you, or take advantage of your offer to remove them from your list!

What you should do…NOW!

BEFORE you have to send that dreaded Fresh Consent email, asking again for permission to send emails, you should warm up your lists.
How to Warm up Your Lists
There are several ways to get your email recipients ready to say “Yes” to your Fresh Consent Email. Here are my 2 favorites:

1. Send them the good stuff!

Send them a few emails with good, valuable info about the subject matter your products and services solve. If you are a Real Estate agent, send emails with information about how to sell their house for the most money. Or how to find the best forcolsure deals before they hit the market.

Just good, valuable information – that’s it.

2. I have been remiss…

Send them an email telling them you have been remiss and have not kept in touch with them like you should. Tell them you want to do better and start sending them good emails with valuable content. Then send them a few emails using the strategy in #1 above.

Things to LEAVE OUT of your Warm Up Emails

Tell them great you are
Remind them that you have the best service
Tell them to call you for more information
Brag about your company
Mention that you have a sale going on

Remember the warm up emails are to get them to like you and to remember that you are a great source of valuable information. Leave the fluff out.
When to start this campaign
Now. Today. This minute.

More on GDPR

Stay tuned for more information on GDPR. AllClients will be fully compliant with GDPR by May 25, 2018. We will also be bringing our customers new features and functionality to help THEM also comply with this new and complex regulation.