Updates and Tools for AllClients White Label Partners

Update on the Rollout of the New Editor

Recently we told you about the introduction of a new editor to be used in Emails, Letters and Landing Pages. We’ve had a successful transition so far

Assign To-Do’s to Your Team

For our customers using the Team Functions, we have added the ability for Power Users and Independent Users to assign to-do’s to the Team Leaders

Customize Your Envelopes

We’ve added Envelope printing options. You can now add the handwritten fonts and also choose dark blue or black ink. Check it out: There were

To-Do List Improvements

We’ve been updating the To-Do List. We’ve added the ability to perform actions for a group of To-Do’s. Take a look at the video to

Schedule an Email Blast

We’ve added an optional step to the Email Blast sending process. This option will allow you schedule your blast for another time. You can still