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3 Updates to Reports

Duplicate Contact Report Add to ClientTouch You can now add a contact from the Duplicate Contact report to ClientTouch. You can use this to export

Email Queue Prioritization

We’ve tweaked the Email Queue so that large email blasts don’t hold up smaller emails. We’ve set up a priority system where smaller emails and

New Import Options for Duplicates

We’ve made two updates to the Import process. Choose Duplicate Checking Method You may now choose how you want to look for duplicates (if you

Recent, Autoresponder Alerts and Much More

Recent Added to Email, Letter, Landing Pages, Autoresponders and Action Sets We’ve added a Recent to the Email Templates, Letter Templates, Landing Pages, Autoresponders and

Grouping Selected Flags

In Flags, when you click from a Contact to edit the Flags, all of the selected Flags for the Contact will be grouped at the

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