9 New Email Templates

We’ve added 9 new Email Templates for you to add to your system. Get the instructions on how to download the XML file to import to your accounts here: Email Templates.

We’ve included Holiday designs so you will want to do this soon!

If you are not yet using the new Content Designer, email support to get set up today.

New Professional Landing Page Templates

We’ve created some Template Based Landing Pages that you can use for your customers. Here are the instructions on how to use the page: Create Template Based Landing Pages.

The code is linked in the Sample Templates as listed here: Landing Pages. Professional Templates #3 – #8 are new pages.

Here are some previews of the new pages.

Free Professional Template #3
A simple page with room for some content and an on page form.

Free Professional Template #4
A simple page with room for an image, content and a pop up form.

Free Professional Template #5
A very basic page with a pop up form.

Free Professional Template #6
This page is long scrolling page with room for lots of content – the preview is just a small portion of the page.

Free Professional Template #7
This is a video page with room for plenty of content.

Free Professional Template #8
This page contains a countdown and a pop up form.

Work with Email Blast Analytics, Reset Pending Opt-Ins and Add Color to Your Calendar

Easily Add Contacts to ClientTouch from Email Blast Analytics 

Did you know you can now add all of the contacts from the email blast analytics report to ClientTouch. Watch this video to see how it works:



Admin Tool – Reset Pending Opt-Ins

We added a new tool in your admin area. You can now reset pending opt-ins. If you have a contact that sent the opt-in email to a group of contacts and needs to have the pending opt-in status reset, you can do that for them. Here is how: http://kb.allclients.com/m/wlcrm/l/297705-reset-pending-opt-ins-for-a-user.


Calendar – Add Color to Your Appointments

We will be adding color to the calendar! You will now be able to select a color for your appointment as you create it. If you have the Google Calendar Integration, the colors will integrate over to the Google Calendar too. This is what the new appointment screen will look like: