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Beta version of Landing Pages

The BETA version of the new Landing Page editor is available.

Something important to note:
With the new Landing Pages, as soon as you move the form from the Content area into a page you are working on, you bring in the account details for that account. You are not able to adjust it later. Please do not add forms until the page is live in the account you are going to use it with. This means your default templates can not have the form pre-built. You have to add the form in the actual account you will use that page in. 

Here is a quick video that will show you how to add and edit the form. This video is linked where we recommend you add the form in our sample pages.

We’ve created some sample pages for you to use to get started. Here is a link to where we provide the pages:  https://developers.allclients.com/powertools/landing-pages-june-2022/.

Most sample pages will have multiple versions (long, medium and short). The longest version is the page we are showing as the sample image here. If we have a form look, we include it in the image for a suggestion of how you may want to make your form look (colors, padding, fonts, etc).

To use the samples into your default accounts, download the page files you want to use and then follow these steps to import them: https://help.allclients.com/article/305-export-import-landing-pages.

When your users click Add a New Landing Page and choose to start with a blank page, they are now taken to the new editor.

Here are some basic editor help documents that may give you some good tips for creating your own pages. These work for the email and the Landing Page editor.