Updates and Tools for AllClients White Label Partners

Advanced Search for Contact Attachments, Take Landing Pages Offline, Dashboard Headers and spacers and More…

Advanced Search – Has Contact Attachments
You can now perform a search for contacts that have Contact Attachments.

Contact List – Contact Attachment Counts
To make the above new feature even more helpful, we have added a new option to available columns on the Contact List. There is now an Attachment Count column that you can add that will display the number of attachments each contact record contains.

Landing Pages Offline Option
There is an option to take a Landing Page Offline. Making a Landing Page Offline, will prevent people from accessing the page or submiting their information. It will keep the page in your Landing Page list so that you can turn it back on at a later time, or just keep the history of the page. 

You will find this option in the top left of the Preview Tab for each page.

Dashboard Headers and Spacers
While customizing your Dashboard, you can now add widgets that are Headers and Spacers. Headers will allow you to add labels to sections or your Dashboard. Spacers will allow you adjust the look of each section with customizable spacing options.

Counter for ClientTouch
We’ve added back the counter for the number of contacts in ClientTouch (Group Actions). When you look at the Contacts Menu, you now see that count.

Pinned Note shows Date
The note date is now included when you see a pinned note.

New Social Media Icons
We’ve updated the icons on the Contact Card under the Social Media section.

Landing Page Phone Field
With the new Landing Page editor, if you use the words Mobile or Cell in the phone label, the phone number on the contact record will be marked as Cell in the Phone Field Label.