Updates and Tools for AllClients White Label Partners

Default Rows in the Editor, Stickers and GIFs, Reformatted System Emails and More…

Reformatted System Emails
We’ve made many of the system emails look better. You will notice changes in all of these system emails:

  • Landing Page Notifications
  • Password Resets
  • Autoresponder Completion Notifications
  • VoiceTouch Notifications (Calls, Messages and Texts)
  • Agenda Assistant

Report – New Contacts by Month
We’ve added the New Contacts by Month report back to the system.

Manually Verify Emails
If your contacts are experiencing difficulty receiving the email to verify their email, you can do that for them. You will need to sign into your admin panel and adjust this URL to be set to your domain:  https://www.allclients.com/wlcrm/VerifyEmail.aspx. Complete the form and submit.

Deals by Stage for all Team Types
When you are working within the Deals by Stage Report, you can now sort for all team types – including Power Users and Independent Users from an Owner or Admin account.

Default Rows in the Editor
When you add a new row to your email template, you can now choose a Default Row that will add the content blocks with the row structure. Go to Rows and choose the Default Row option in the drop down.

Add Stickers to Emails
There is a enw Content typs for Stickers in your Email Editor.

A sticker is like a GIF, but includes transparency around the edges. When you click to add a sticker, you will be taken directly to the Giphy Sticker Library.

Add GIFs to Email
You can add a GIF content type and then search the giphy library to quickly add GIFs to your template. If you want to add your own GIFs, you can still use the image option.