Updates and Tools for AllClients White Label Partners

We are excited to announce that AllClients now offers a HIPAA compliant version of our software! 

While the AllClients product already adheres to the highest security standards, we now have an upgrade that officially makes the AllClients product HIPAA Compliant. 

We did this for entities who are required to use only HIPAA Compliant Software.  

The HIPAA module adds several behind-the-scenes software changes and a couple of changes that the software users may notice. ie: HIPAA Compliant 15-minute user time-outs, and bad login protocol. In addition to the software changes, AllClients has implemented new internal HIPAA policies and procedures. Finally, a Business Associate Agreement will be signed and in place with partners using the HIPAA Compliant Version of AllClients.  

If you are interested in converting your White Lable Product to the HIPAA Compliant version, here are the details:

1. Please send an email to Jeff Shamus requesting the upgrade. 

2. The upgrade is a process that can take up to 2 weeks to fully implement into your product. When your product is fully HIPAA compliant, you will see this badge on your product.

If you do not see this badge on your software product, your software is NOT HIPAA compliant. 

3. You will need to execute a Business Associate Agreement (BA to BA) with AllClients. 

4. We will provide you with a templated Business Associate Agreement that you will need to execute with each of your installations. (This is a different document than discussed in #3.) 

5. Once upgraded, your entire product and all of your users will be HIPAA Compliant. (You can not just accept the upgrade for a particular segment or group of your users.) 

6. The cost for the HIPAA Upgrade is a $1000/mo flat fee regardless of how many users are on your system. There are no upfront fees for us to upgrade your product. 

7. You can downgrade back to the non-HIPAA version at any time with 30 days’ notice. There is a one-time fee of $1000 to downgrade.