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Content Spacers and Saved Rows in the Email Editor

Content Spacers
If you want more space in your email template, you can use a Content Spacer. Choose the Spacer and then you are able to select the height you want the space to be.

Saved Rows
You can now save a row in your template and then add this row to any other template with a simple drag and drop. It is perfect for creating headers and footers or specific email signatures. It lets you save your customizations and easily reuse them. Here is how they work:

Select a row in your template you want to save and click the save icon.

Give your row a description (this is optional) and save.

To use a Saved Row, click on the Rows Tab and select My Saved Rows.

Select the row you want to use and drag and drop to the part of the template you want to insert the saved row.