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Delay a Pending Workflow, Search for Contacts with No Notes or Phone Numbers, Workflow Reporting and More…

Delay Workflow Steps
If you have a contact that has pending steps and their Workflow and you want to delay those steps, you can do that now. This will be useful if someone is going to be on vacation for 2 weeks and wants you to follow up upon their return, etc. From the Contact’s Workflow Tab, click the Delay Remaining Steps option.

Use the Plus and Minus buttons to edit the length of the Delay (you can’t make them go faster, just delay). You will see in green a preview of the new schedule for the pending steps.

Search for Contacts That Do Not Have a Phone Number
The Advanced Search now offers an option to search for a contact that does not have a phone number on file. It will look to see that all 4 phone fields are blank.

Search for Contacts That Do Not Have Notes
You can look to find contacts that do not have any notes on their contact record.

Use the Calendar in Advanced Search Date Options
When using a date search you will now have a calendar option to choose the date (to also help with correct date formatting).

Advanced Search for Team Database Includes a Dropdown 
You can now choose your Team Database using a dropdown rather than having to correctly spell team names.

Workflow Notifications Allow Merge
Email and Text Nofications within a Workflow now allow you use contact and mail merge profile merge codes and the merged details will be included in the notification message.

Contact Search Results Includes Email 
When searching for a contact, we now include the email address in the search results.

International Formating for Birthdays
Birthdays on Landing Pages, Contact View screens and also Contact Add/Edit will allow for you to enter the Birthday as DD/MM/YYYY if you have your Birthday set to the International Date Format.

Landing Page Samples Sort by Date
We’ve added the option to sort Landing Page templates by Date instead of just alphabetically. This will help show new template availability. If you would like to default to a Date based order in your account, just let me know and I can adjust your default for you.

Mobile Version – View Custom Fields
When using the Mobile Version, you will now be able to view Custom Fields and see the information in these fields for each contact.

Workflow Usage Reporting 
We’ve added a new section to your Admin in the Reports called Workflow Usage. This section offers 5 different reports that will give you visibility into the Workflow usage of your accounts. Choose your report, the date range you want to look at and then Apply.

Option to Hide Letter Templates
If you are no longer using Letter Templates and would like to hide that section for all of your users, we do offer the option. Just let me know and I can remove Letter Templates from all parts of your system.