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Workflow Interface, New Workflow Global Rule and More…

Workflow Interface
We’ve updated the look of a Workflow when you are editing and adding steps.

Here is what it will look like when adding steps and as you edit:

Workflow Global Rule – Stop If/Continue If Email Opt-In Status is Opt-In
There is now a Global Rule option to Stop If or Continue If the primary email address is opt-in.

A use case for the Continue if the Email Status is Opt-In if you wanted to stop the Workflow if the contact opted-out or marked your email as Spam. This would then stop any further action, like texts.

Pending Workflow Steps Shows Email Template Name
When you are looking at the pending steps of a Workflow, you will now see the name of the Email Templates that are set to go out. This will make stopping an individual Email from sending in that Workflow much easier.

Convert a To-Do Plan to a Workflow
Have you ever wished you could do more with your existing To-Do Plan? Now you can, use this upgrade button to convert your To-Do Plan to a Workflow that you can edit and add to. The existing To-Do Plan will stay in the To-Do Plans too.

Convert an Autoresponder to a Workflow
Convert Autoresponder to Workflows so you can add more functionality to  your existing campaigns. Click the Upgrade button and you are ready to go.

View Active Workflows on Mobile
When you are looking at a contact on Mobile, you may now select Workflow and view the Active Workflows for that contact.

Stop a Workflow on Mobile
You can now Stop a Workflow when viewing all Active Workflows. Use the Context Menu to see the Stop Workflow button next to any Active Workflow.

Landing Page Thank You Merge
The Landing Pages now offer the ability to merge submitted data on the Thank You Page. You may now use this information in your confirmation.

Team Permissions Update
We’ve made the Group Edit and Group Delete each a permission in the Team Permissions. You can now allow a Group Edit while still preventing a Group Delete. 

Text Templates Merge Fields
All merge fields are now available in the Text Templates. You can choose right from the merge field drop down when creating a Text Template or a Workflow Text.

OPTIONAL: Text Usage Widget
Please let me know if you would like to use this feature. The Text Usage Widget will show users how many texts they have used for the month and how many more are available before they start paying you overages.

Set Text Allowance By Group
Just like emails, you can now set texting limits by group (and individual) contact in the Admin Panel. To set the Group, adjust the Default Account Levels and save. You can then add or remove texts for an individual also. There is no govenor that stops the texts from going out, but it does show on the Text Usage Widget and you can then bill for overages.

Text Usage Report – Group Added
We’ve added the Group to the Text Usage Report. You can now view or sort by the Group in the Text Usage Report. This will help For those of you billing monthly for text overages to the Group allowance.