Updates and Tools for AllClients White Label Partners

Special Events Tab, Send an Email on Mobile and More…

Special Events Tab Update
We’ve slightly updated the look of the Special Events Tab. The Name for the Address Label is also no longer a required field.

Contact List – In ClientTouch Icon
When on the Contact List, we’ve modified how the In ClientTouch icon works. There is no longer a separate page load when you change someone in or out of ClientTouch. This speeds up the process and makes this more usable with the longer lists.

Mobile Version – Send an Email
You can now send a simple text only email out of the system using the mobile version. It will be captured in the notes and show the analytics, etc., the way an email sent on the desktop would.

Text-to-Join Email Reply
When you have Text-to-Join on and an existing contact sends you an email address by text. The automatic reply is now a simple “Thank you.”

Landing Page Date Field
We’ve added the option in Extra Fields to choose a date field. This will allow for date formatting to have some consistency. There is a calendar pop-up with this option. This is controlled by the browser and will look and feel different on each browser.