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Agenda Assistant Saved Search, Workflows – delete future steps, and more…

Agenda Assistant – Counts and Links to Saved Searches
You can now add up to five Saved Searches to your Agenda Assistant. Each morning it will email you an updated count and link to your search.

Delete Future Steps in a Workflow
If you want a Workflow to skip a step for a particular customer, you can delete that step. From the Contact’s Workflow Tab, click the Remaining Steps and use the trash can icon to remove steps.

There are a few “rules” for this: you can’t delete pauses, can’t delete the steps of a Workflow with a Restart¬† and there is no UNDO of a deleted step.

Text Widget for Dashboard
This is optional, let us know if you want it on.
This widget shows the user how many texts they have sent/received in a given month. There is no enforcing of texting limits, it is just informational.

Text Notification Include Link to the Contact
When you receive a text message from a contact, we’ve now included a link to the contact that sent that text message in the notification text.

Workflow Trigger – Add a Note as an Update
We’ve added the option to add a note to an existing contact to the Workflow Trigger. Use the field name updatednote. A great use case for this is with Zapier and your client’s email. You can use a label in your email inbox to pull in emails with that label and update the contact notes with the content of that email – to create an integrated email process.