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Birthday Assistant options, Email Usage Report and Longer VoiceTouch Pauses

We’ve added 3 new things to the system.

Birthday Assistant – New Timing
We have added new timing options to the Birthday Assistant. You may now also choose for actions to happen 10 days before, 14 days before or 21 days before the birthday. The new options are highlighted here:

Email Usage Report
We’ve added a new report to your Admin Panel. In Reports, there is a report called Email Usage. You may now sort the Email Usage for accounts by date range. You can change the sort on the report by clicking any of the column headers.

VoiceTouch allows for longer pauses
When recording your VoiceTouch phone messages over the phone, if you paused your talking for more than 5 seconds, it would cut off the recording. We’ve lengthened that (it’s now 30 seconds) so as not to cut off recordings prematurely.