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Workflow Delay Options, Duplicate Handling in Landing Pages and more…

Workflow Delay Until Date
Use this option in a Workflow to have your step pause until a specific date. This option will be good for things like events, seminars, closings, renewals, etc that have a day, month and year associated.

Workflow Delay until Day of the Month
Use this option in a Workflow to have your step start on a day of the month. There is not a year associated with this task so it can be repeated annually. This option is good for annual check-ins, holidays or other events that happen every year. It works really well with the optional feature below.

Workflow Restart (optional)
This feature allows your Workflow to restart after it completes. This is an optional feature so you will need to let me know if you want me to turn it on in your accounts. Your Workflow must be at least 28 days before it will allow a restart to be added. You might use this for an annual review, anniversaries or holiday emails, maybe even prospect follow up. See the Restart Rules:

Landing Page Actions Redesign and New Duplicate Handling
We’ve redesigned the Landing Page Actions Tab and included more options for how to handle duplicates that may have other actions already happening. 

Assign Default Email Credits to An Account By Group
Email credits can be set up to be automatically calculated by Group. You currently have one default amount that is the same for everyone. You can now modify that amount by group also. To do this, go to the Default Account in the admin for the Group you want to edit. Use the normal default credit amount to add or subtract credits to get the new Group Default. The number of credits in the default account for that group will now be used for accounts created in that group. If it is not modified, the regular default is used.

Create Your Own Custom Text on Add Team Member Screen
Our default message used when adding a team member let you change the price of an additional user, but did not let you change the message. You can not customize this message. To use your own text, go to your Admin Panel and select the Content Tab. Go to Content Zones and choose the Billing – Add Team Member Info. Add your text and save.

Workflow Texts Merge from Team Senders
Texts coming from a Power User will now merge the Power User’s information if the text template uses Mail Merge Profile merging.

To-Do List Completed Sort
We have added column sorting to the All Completed To-Do’s filter page. Clicking on any column heading will now change the sort from Completed Date.