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Workflow Updates, Default Account Updates and Many More…

Workflow Updates (AKA Action Sets)

Workflow Emails – Choose who to send from
This is big for teams. You can now choose in a Workflow which team member the email comes from. Your Workflow can have some emails come from the assistant, some from the contact owner and other from other users. You can set it up how it works best for each situation.

Workflow Individual To-Do’s
Also for teams, we’ve modified the options to choose who to assign a To-Do in the Workflows. You can now assign to the Contact Owner as an option.

Workflow Source – New Logic
When having a Workflow set a Source, we have now added the option to make sure the original Source is not overwritten if it already exists in the contact.

Workflow Trigger Updates

Workflow Trigger – Technical Help Included
We added a section to the top of the Workflow Trigger Page that links to Technical Help.

Workflow Trigger – Automatic Email Opt-In
When using a Workflow Trigger, you no longer need to include the Email Opt-In step in your Workflow. The added email you send will be automatically opt-ed in.

Workflow Trigger – Automatic Email Validation
If you are using our Email Managed Services, when you send a contact to the system with a Workflow Trigger, the email will automatically be validated as they are added to the system.

Default Account Changes

Default Account – Copies Autoresponder Completion Assistant
The Autoresponders copied from a default account will include copying of the Completion Assistant. 

Default Account – Copies Intelligent Links
Email Templates copied from the default account will now include the Intelligent Links from the default templates.

Default Account – Copies Agenda Assistant
You can now have the Agenda Assistant copy from the default account. Use the Mail Merge Profile merge of %%mm.email%% for this to work and to send to your user once their Mail Merge Profile is complete.

Miscellaneous Updates

To-Do Plans – Assign To-Dos to Contact Owner
For teams, we’ve now made the option for the To-Do Plan to default the To-Do assignment to the Contact Owner.

15 New Flag Icons
We have made more choices in our Flag Library. Here are all of the available options now:

Team Texting
If you have VoiceTouch and allow for texting, team members may now use texting also. If your team members are set to Grant in the VoiceTouch permissions, they may text the contact (and opt them in or out for texting).

Phone Merge – You can use all Phone Numbers to merge
You used to be able to put %%phone%% and it would put the phone number from Phone1 in your template. You can now merge all phone numbers. Phone and Phone1 can be used interchangeably. You can also use Phone2, Phone 3 or Phone4.

Webhooks can use all phone numbers
You may now use all phone fields with your webhooks.

Edit Date
We’ve made out libraries more consistent. Instead of some libraries showing a Create Date and others showing an Edit Date, we’ve made them all display the Edit Date.

Email Templates – Remember Folder
When working in Email Templates, we now remember the folder you selected when you leave the screen and come back.

New Oops! Error Screen
We’ve added links to the Oops! screen. This will help users navigate off of the error and hopefully away from the page that was causing issues. We hope users don’t see this page, but if they do, we wanted to make it more user friendly.

Email Validation Updates

Validation Report
If you are using our email Managed Services, we’ve added a Report to help manage your Validations.

Validation Advanced Search
If you are using our email Managed Services, we’ve added Advanced Search options so you can filter for your validated and not yet validated contacts.

Optional Feature – Let me know if you want this option!

Custom Fields in Mail Merge Profile
If you choose to have this feature turned on, you can add fields to the Mail Merge Profile to be merged into Emails and Letter. You can have unlimited additional fields. These can be used for things like Text to Number, First Name only, license number, etc. Use %%profile.field name%% to merge. IF your default account has data in these fields, it will transfer to new accounts.

Texting Notifications Using a Custom Mail Merge Profile Field
If you are using our Custom Fields in the Mail Merge Profile, you can use one to capture your users text to phone number. You can then set up the text notifications in Workflows to go to this number. REMEMBER, this number will need to be in the system on a contact as an opted-in texting number to receive the texts.