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Opt-In for Texting in Workflow Triggers and Landing Pages and New Texting Reports

Landing Page Option to Opt-In for Texting
In Landing Pages, when you have a phone number field on your form, you can now add a check box with your own custom label. Choose the option to When Checked, Opt In Phone # for Texting and this will opt that phone number in for texts. Here’s a video that shows you more about this:  http://www.crm-tutorials.com/videos/7c9fd9b91b17e7c3f4/texting-opt-in.

Workflow Trigger – Ability to Opt-In any Phone Number for Texting
You can now opt-in any of your phone numbers for texting automatically as part of a Workflow Trigger. See the field options in the Field List.

Partner Report for User Texting
If you go to Reports, then Text Usage, you can see a report that will show which of your accounts are using texting and how many texts are being sent.

User Report – Text Usage
In Reports, there is now a Report to show how many texts a month a user is sending and receiving.