Updates and Tools for AllClients White Label Partners

New Columns in Workflow, Advanced Search additions, Workflow Error Alert and more…

New Columns in the Workflow List Screen
We’ve added 3 new columns to your list of Workflows. You can now see the Duration (we use an estimate if not exact), Current Contacts (those in the middle of a Workflow), Completed Contacts (the entire workflow has been applied). The contact columns are links to the list of contacts.

Workflow Error Alert
Know at a glance if there is an issue with one of your Workflow Steps. The List of Workflows now shows an alert if there is an issue with something in one of the steps.

ClientTouch – Validate Your Emails
This is available with our Premium Email Service or if you are using your own Validations and want to show or link in with ours, this is available to you. Contact Jen for more information.

Opt-In Contacts for Texting from ClientTouch
You can opt-in your contacts for texting form ClientTouch. The system will check all phone numbers looking for the words “cell” or “mobile” in any part of the phone label field.

Texting Compliance Statement
As part of the Opt-In for texting process in ClientTouch, your users will agree to comply with texting laws.

Workflow Start Date
When you are on a single contact and Apply a Workflow, you can now choose a start date.