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Copy Saved Searches from Default Accounts, Copy Contact Counter Widgets and more

Copy Saved Searches from Default Accounts
When you create a Saved Search in the Default Account, that search will now copy into the new accounts you create. You no longer have to recreate this search manually.

Copy Contact Counter Widget from Default Accounts
The Contact Counter Widget relies on Saved Searches to create the counts it displays. Now that you can copy Saved Searches from the Default Account, we have made it so you can copy the Contact Counter Widgets to the new account Dashboards too.

New Columns added to Category 2 and Source in Settings
When you are in Settings, and you click on Category 2 or Source, you will now see a count of the contacts in each of the library values. This will be good to know before you edit or delete a library value.

Hide ClientTouch and/or Reports
We’ve made it so that you can hide ClientTouch or Reports if your users will not be using these features.