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Coming Soon: Workflow Triggers

Ooooh – I think you are REALLY going to like this one!

We just built a new feature called “Workflow Triggers”.

In the olden days (yesterday) if you wanted to add contacts to the database from an outside source and then start a workflow, there were several steps involved. Plus you needed a certain level of technical expertise to do it right. See figure 1:

You also had to share the keys to the kingdom (API Keys) with your developer. And as you know, sharing API keys with the outside world is not a great idea…unless you absolutely have to.

Enter WorkFlow Triggers: Now you can accomplish the same thing in one simple step and without technical help. It’s so easy, even I can do it!

When you go into a Workflow, you will see the new Workflow Triggers link here:

Enabling the Trigger for this Workflow will give you this screen:

A unique URL will be generated that you will use to tell your outside lead source how to handle that contact. 

Here are some of the Workflow Trigger benefits:

  • One API call for you or your programmer. (No need to research and learn our full API)
  • Built in documentation for your programmer. (Instructions included at same URL)
  • All business logic/rules are defined in the User Interface. Programmer is not needed to change the triggered Workflow.
  • Much faster development time.
  • Programmer does not need full API Keys.
  • Easy to have new Workflows defined for each new type of lead source.
  • Easy to update duplicate contact rules.
  • Easy to remove this trigger or update the URL.

We need a few partners to try this out and give us feedback, and then we will roll it out to everyone.

Please reach out to Support if you want to be an early adopter. And let us know if you think you will use this new functionality.