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New functionality allowing you to PUSH content to users

We are adding some additional functionality to the White Label default accounts that will make it easier for you to deploy content to your subscribers.

Specifically, now when you have Action Sets, Autoresponders, and To-Do Plans set up in the default accounts, those will copy to the user accounts when you first create them. Additionally, if you add content later, that content will now appear in the Samples area of the user’s system.

This can be a tricky situation depending on how you have things set up with your users. You want to clearly understand this new functionality so you don’t accidentally mess up the work flows that your customers are currently using!

We have created a document that details how each of these new functions work, review the document here. Please note: Due to the differences in Action Sets, Autoresponders, and To-do Plans this new functionality behaves slightly differently.

This new functionality is OFF by default. If you want it activated for your White Label product, please let me know and I will turn it on for you.