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Home Tab in Admin, Removal of Notifications with Bounced Addresses and New Font Size Options

Home Tab in your Admin Account

When you sign into your admin account you will now have a tab called Home. This will link you to our latest blogs, support and also provide a few important reminders. You will be able to click the Accounts tab to get to your account list.


Email Reputation Enhancement Removes Bounces

We’ve taken steps to help keep your Email Reputation clean. In the past if an email address that was in the notifications or Agenda Assistant bounced, we would keep that address and continue to email it. From now on, if a notification email bounces, the email will be removed so that you do not continue to email a bad address. We will document that this was done in reports, under the Account Log,¬†Activity Log.

New Font Size Options

We’ve added new font size options to the editor:
9pt * new
11pt * new
16pt * new
30pt * new