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Customize Your Contact Tabs and Automate Your Workflow in VoiceTouch

This week’s update will have 2 new features.

Customize Contact Tabs

Have you ever wanted to hide tabs on the contact record that you don’t use? Or change the tab order so that the tab you use the most is at the top of the tab list?

Each user can now customize how they see the Contact Tabs. You can drag to re-order all of the tabs or hide those you don’t use. The top tab will be the tab you see when they visit a contact. The Notes tab can not be hidden, but it can be moved.



Automate Your Workflow in VoiceTouch

If you are using our VoiceTouch system, you may now Trigger Intelligent Actions when someone calls an extension. You create a contact, add flags and trigger an Action Set. This is what is will look like in the Extension set-up screen.