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New Look to the Contact Record and Updated Account Log Reporting

New Look to the Contact Record

We’ve just launched an update that has streamlined the Contact Screen. It allows for better alignment with the new wider screen.

Contact 3 (1)


Account Log Report

We’ve also updated the Account Log report. This report is viewable by the Account Owner. It tracks Activity in the account. In the past it would track the deleting of contacts (who and when) also exports and group edits. We’ve expanded this report. It will now track additions, edits and deletions of all Settings. This includes: ¬†Emails, Landing Pages, Autoresponders, Flags, Categories, Team Members, etc.

This will be very helpful for Teams. It will show which team member is making changes and when. More importantly, it will help your support teams know if something was changed or deleted. The Account Log can not be modified. Information is stored for 90 days. We will be adding more tracking to this report in the next few weeks. Check it out!

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