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Update on the Rollout of the New Editor

Recently we told you about the introduction of a new editor to be used in Emails, Letters and Landing Pages.

We’ve had a successful transition so far and are ready to progress in the rollout. We will be updating your account this week to default to having the new editor on.

You will continue to have access to both editors until we transition fully to the new editor.

To switch back to the old editor in one of your accounts, sign in. Change the url to end with /config.aspx.  So in AllClients, we go to https://www.allclients.com/config.aspx. This page will have a box to check and a Save button. To turn off the new editor, click to switch and save your changes. To switch back, go back to this page and unclick the option and save.

Please let me know if you have any questions!