Updates and Tools for AllClients White Label Partners

New Editor, International Date Formatting in our Mobile Version and Configure the Number of To-Do’s per page

We’ve introduced a new editor. It is used in Emails, Letters and Landing Pages. We will be rolling it out slowly. You have access to both editors until we transition fully to the new editor.
Some benefits of the new editor:  it can be used with mobile devices, images can be edited, re-sized and cropped, and my personal favorite, you can now copy and paste from other sources without losing your line spacing.

To turn on the editor in one of your accounts, sign in. Change the url to end with /config.aspx.  So in AllClients, we go to https://www.allclients.com/config.aspx. This page will have a box to check and a Save button. To turn on the new editor, click to enable. To switch back, go back to this page and unclick the enable and save.

Here are two videos that feature the new editor:

Inserting Images


Mobile Version – International Date

International date formatting is now available on the mobile version.


Configure the To-Do List Items Per Page

You may configure the number of To-Do’s you see in your To-Do list. Select the option from the bottom of the To-Do List Page.