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Daylight Savings Time Adjustments, Expanded Landing Page Options and More…

We’ve added a few new things to the system. Here is an overview.

Daylight Savings Time – Adjust if you don’t observe it

We’ve added an option to not observe Daylight Savings Time. If you have users that do not observe Daylight Savings Time, they may have noticed their time was off by one hour. Users in places like Arizona, Hawaii, Europe, parts of Australia have had difficulty with this for part of the year. They now can select the option to not observe Daylight Savings Time in Account Settings. Click here for more information.


Landing Page Options for Existing Contacts

We’ve clarified and updated Landing Pages and the handling of form submissions from contacts that already exist in your system. On the list of Landing Pages the column heading was changed to be New Leads to clarify these are only new contacts. The text on the Actions Tab has been updated and clarified for duplicate email handling. The Source now shows it only updates for new contacts. To-Do Plans will now be added for contacts that already exist in the system.


Access All Landing Page Submission Data

We’ve added a way to access all contacts that have submitted a form. You may access this information on the Analytics Tab. You may add the contacts to ClientTouch or view the raw data. This is new and will start collecting data in March 2015. Here is what it looks like:



Email Blast Report – New Date Column

In the Email Blasts Report, we’ve added a new date column. You will now see both the Prepared and Sent dates for each of your blasts.


Added Date Merge Options

We’ve added more date merge fields to the Email and Letter Templates. You can merge the day, month or year separately. The Month can be used as a number or the month name spelled out. This will help with clients that may want to send an email that says things like March 2015 Report on Home Prices.