Updates and Tools for AllClients White Label Partners

Landing Page Folders and Administrative Tools

Landing Page Folders

We’ve added folders to your list of Landing Pages. You can now keep pages grouped with folders. You will see the folder option in the new drop down on the far right (page copy and page delete are also in the drop down to make room for the folder feature).


Landing Page Settings is Now Advanced

When you are creating a Landing Page, the Settings tab has been renamed to Advanced and is moved down in the tab order. The renaming of the page has moved from that tab to the top of screen.


New Merge Options

In Email Templates, Insert Mail Merge Fields will now allow you to insert the merge fields for date and mailing address.


Clean Up

A few fixes and administrative things were cleaned up too. For example, you can now copy and paste an email into the notes and it will save without having to manually remove the HTML tags (< >).


Administrative Tools  – Communications Account & Group Changes

You can create a “Communications Account” – a special account that syncs all of the information in your accounts into one account. With this account, you can use the system to communicate with your own customers.

You can also move contacts from one group to another group to change the defaults.