Updates and Tools for AllClients White Label Partners

We’ve Added Progressive Landing Pages, Landing Pages can Create Deals, Single Name Forms, Enhancement Look on Email Attachments, Email Blast Analytics Link and Updates to the Birthday Assistant

Progressive Landing Pages

Progressive Landing Pages are in your system now – you may not have seen them.
Progressive Landing Pages allow you to gather more information from visitors without overwhelming them or scaring them away.

Here’s how they work – watch the video –




Landing Page Create a Deal

Use this feature to have information collected in a Landing Page submission start a deal automatically.



Landing Page – Single Name Field

Use this Landing Page option to only ask for one name on a Landing Page.

See how this will work here –



Email Attachments

Email Attachments will be more noticeable on emails sent through the system.




Email Blast Analytics

When you send an Email Blast, you will see a link to the Email Blast Analytics on the home screen for the next few days for faster reference.



Birthday Assistant Names

When using the Birthday Assistant, the First Name merge will now only include the name of the person’s who is having the birthday, even if used in the subject line.

We will be launching these great new features over the next few nights. Feel free to add these help videos to your help pages.