Assign To-Do’s to Your Team

For our customers using the Team Functions, we have added the ability for Power Users and Independent Users to assign to-do’s to the Team Leaders and Administrators, and vice-versa.

This is a valuable feature when The Team Leader and Administrators are helping the Power User complete tasks that apply to contacts in the Power User’s database.

You will see the additional options when creating the To-Do in the “Assign to” dropdown list, and also on the Re-Assign option from the To-Do List.

Social Connector, Options in Landing Page Extra Fields and a New Birthday Assistant Icon

Social Connector

We’ve added a new Social Connector. You can now view and access your contact’s Social Media accounts right from the Contact Record. It uses your contact’s email address to find their Social Media accounts and adds them to the Contact Record automatically. Watch how easy it is to use:



For more information, click here to read our Knowledge Base articles about the Social Connector.

You can have this “on”, “off”, “optional, default off” (per account), “optional, default on” (per account). Let us know if you want to have this turned on.


Landing Page Extra Fields Adjusted

One update was made to Landing Page Forms, you can now have the Contact Fields display after the Extra Fields. If you are using Extra Fields, you will now see this option on the left column on the Form Tab.


Birthday Assistant Icon

We’ve updated the Birthday Assistant Notes. It now has a birthday icon when it adds a note. And we’ve now included the Analytics with the emails that are sent automatically.


Daylight Savings Time Adjustments, Expanded Landing Page Options and More…

We’ve added a few new things to the system. Here is an overview.

Daylight Savings Time – Adjust if you don’t observe it

We’ve added an option to not observe Daylight Savings Time. If you have users that do not observe Daylight Savings Time, they may have noticed their time was off by one hour. Users in places like Arizona, Hawaii, Europe, parts of Australia have had difficulty with this for part of the year. They now can select the option to not observe Daylight Savings Time in Account Settings. Click here for more information.


Landing Page Options for Existing Contacts

We’ve clarified and updated Landing Pages and the handling of form submissions from contacts that already exist in your system. On the list of Landing Pages the column heading was changed to be New Leads to clarify these are only new contacts. The text on the Actions Tab has been updated and clarified for duplicate email handling. The Source now shows it only updates for new contacts. To-Do Plans will now be added for contacts that already exist in the system.


Access All Landing Page Submission Data

We’ve added a way to access all contacts that have submitted a form. You may access this information on the Analytics Tab. You may add the contacts to ClientTouch or view the raw data. This is new and will start collecting data in March 2015. Here is what it looks like:



Email Blast Report – New Date Column

In the Email Blasts Report, we’ve added a new date column. You will now see both the Prepared and Sent dates for each of your blasts.


Added Date Merge Options

We’ve added more date merge fields to the Email and Letter Templates. You can merge the day, month or year separately. The Month can be used as a number or the month name spelled out. This will help with clients that may want to send an email that says things like March 2015 Report on Home Prices.

Customize Your Envelopes

We’ve added Envelope printing options. You can now add the handwritten fonts and also choose dark blue or black ink. Check it out:

There were more additions to the API’s. So many that we haven’t even updated our developer blog about them yet (stay tuned).

We also have done some behind the scenes work on some exciting new features that will be rolled out very soon. Come back for more updated information!

New Fonts, Default Appointment Color, Use Pounds or Euros in Deals and More

New Fonts in Letters

We’ve added some fonts to Letters that will make your letters look written by hand. Check them out:


Default Appointment Color

We’ve added the ability to select a default color for your appointments in the calendar. If there is one color you use frequently, you can now click the set as default button and you won’t need to select it every time.


Change the Dollar Sign to Pounds or Euros

We’ve added the ability to modify the Dollar sign in deals. You can now use the Pound or the Euro. Go to Settings, Account Settings and you can edit it by account.


New Merge Fields Added

We’ve added new merge fields to Emails and Letters. You can now merge the Contact’s Company, Address, City, State, Postal Code, Email or Phone.


New API’s

We’ve updated a few of our API’s to allow you do more with them. We’ve add a few new ones too. Check this out for more information: Let us know if there is anything you would like to see added in the API’s.

Work with Email Blast Analytics, Reset Pending Opt-Ins and Add Color to Your Calendar

Easily Add Contacts to ClientTouch from Email Blast Analytics 

Did you know you can now add all of the contacts from the email blast analytics report to ClientTouch. Watch this video to see how it works:



Admin Tool – Reset Pending Opt-Ins

We added a new tool in your admin area. You can now reset pending opt-ins. If you have a contact that sent the opt-in email to a group of contacts and needs to have the pending opt-in status reset, you can do that for them. Here is how:


Calendar – Add Color to Your Appointments

We will be adding color to the calendar! You will now be able to select a color for your appointment as you create it. If you have the Google Calendar Integration, the colors will integrate over to the Google Calendar too. This is what the new appointment screen will look like:

Schedule an Email Blast

We’ve added an optional step to the Email Blast sending process. This option will allow you schedule your blast for another time. You can still send it immediately if you prefer.

Watch the new Email Blast Process:



This article will show you how to Schedule an Email Blast.

This article will show you how to Review or Cancel a Scheduled Email Blast.

We’re adding this to your system with your next update. You will have it by Christmas next week.


Reset Landing Page Analytics, VoiceTouch Alerts and API updates

We’ve made a few enhancements to your system.

Reset Landing Page Analytics

We’ve added a Reset Analytics option on the Landing Page Analytics for those that had been testing and do not want testing information included in their numbers.



VoiceTouch Alerts

If you use the VoiceTouch, there is now an alert window on the Home Screen for calls, messages and texts.



API Updates

We’ve also made several enhancements to the API’s. Todd summarized those here, in his developer’s blog.

Faster Processing, Autoresponders to Third Parties and New Search Options

We’re Faster

We’ve spent some time optimizing the processes behind the scenes. You may notice some faster processing.


Send an Autoresponder Message to a Third Party 

We have added the ability to send an email in an Autoresponder series to a third party. You can send something to a Fulfillment House, another person involved in the transaction or an assistant/team member. The uses are numerous.

Take a look at this video to learn more about it:



Enhanced Search

We also have enhanced the Search. It used to Search the name, company and email fields. Most searches are just for the name. We’ve modified the system to now just search name. On the page the results are listed, we’ve added the ability to then look for that same information in the company, emails, phone numbers, address, city or state.


We will be launching these new features to your system in the next few days.