Copy Contact, Duplicate Report and More

We’ve added a few things to your system, wanted to give you a heads up.

Copy Contact
We’ve added a new Action to copy an existing contact’s demographics to create a new contact.


Duplicate Report
We’ve added a new option to the duplicate report. You can check duplicates in the primary email or both emails. For loading speed, the first option is a better choice.


Landing Page Edit Content
The edit content tab is gone from template based Landing Pages. You will now use the Edit Content link right from the Preview Tab. The edit content link (you know, the …) is in the top left of the preview page. This makes for faster and easier editing. See arrows in image for example.


Clickable Reports
We’ve made all of our reports clickable. Click on the section of the pie chart to see the contacts that fit this filter group. The none section will not take you to a contact list as there are no contacts to show.


Birthday Assistant
You have always had the option to either send an email or set up a To-Do reminder. You can now do both.


ClientTouch Group Edit 
We’ve added a new option to Group Edit. You can now include the Company Name in your Mailing Addresses for all of your contacts (or remove the company name).


5 New Landing Page Templates

We’ve added 5 great new Landing Page templates. You can use them in your accounts. Get more information on using the templates here: Landing Page Templates.

Below is a preview of each of the new pages. Click the link to see the specific details of the page and how you could use it, along with the code for the page.

Free Professional Template #9


Free Professional Template #11

Free Professional Template #12

Free Professional Template #13

Free Professional Template #14

Delete Duplicates, Attachments Trigger Intelligent Links and More

We’ve snuck in a few new things into the system while we’ve been working on adding folders to the libraries.

Here’s the other new stuff:
Delete from the Duplicate Report
We’ve added a Delete Contact option right to the Duplicate Report to make cleaning up duplicates fast and easy (there is no undo for this).
Email Attachments can trigger Intelligent Links
You can now add an Intelligent Link to an email attachment. Add the file to the email and then use the Add Intelligent Link option.

Email Blast – Opt-In first
If you did not have contacts opted-in for email, and you clicked the Email Blast option, nothing would happen. You will now get an alert that you will need to opt-in contacts to send a blast.
Landing Page Actions Tab
We removed the box the checkbox at the top of the page. All contacts from a Landing Page submission will always be added to the system.

Flag – Contact Count in Flag Library
We added a column to show how many contacts have each of the flags. You can click this count and see the group in the Contact List.

More Folders (updated)

We recently asked which feature would be most helpful if we added it to the system. The most requested item was folders.

We are happy to announce more folders!

We’ve updated the way folders work in the Landing Page area. We’ve also added folders to Letter Templates.

Over the next few weeks we will be rolling out folders to more of the libraries.

UPDATE 8/23/2016
Folders now also available in the To-Do Plan, Autoresponder and Action Set libraries.

New Professional Landing Page Templates

We’ve created some Template Based Landing Pages that you can use for your customers. Here are the instructions on how to use the page: Create Template Based Landing Pages.

The code is linked in the Sample Templates as listed here: Landing Pages. Professional Templates #3 – #8 are new pages.

Here are some previews of the new pages.

Free Professional Template #3
A simple page with room for some content and an on page form.

Free Professional Template #4
A simple page with room for an image, content and a pop up form.

Free Professional Template #5
A very basic page with a pop up form.

Free Professional Template #6
This page is long scrolling page with room for lots of content – the preview is just a small portion of the page.

Free Professional Template #7
This is a video page with room for plenty of content.

Free Professional Template #8
This page contains a countdown and a pop up form.

Individual User Permissions

If you are using our Team system, we’ve got a great update for you.

Permissions may be granted or denied for each user. Here is what an Administrator’s permissions will look like:



Here’s a quick video about how it works:



Here is another document that further demonstrates the Team Permissions.