Group Edit Custom Fields, Email Settings and Much More

We’ve made quite a few changes! Here is a summary of them:

Group Edit Your Custom Fields
We’ve added the ability to use ClientTouch, Group Edit to edit contacts’ Custom Fields. You can edit the text in the field for everyone in your workgroup at once.

Email Templates Settings Tab

As the default, we now remove formatting when copying and pasting from outside systems. Pasted text from other systems usually contains hidden HTML formatting that will not translate properly and is almost impossible to detect and/or fix. Users may choose to keep the formatting if they like hidden chaos (not recommended). To change back to the awful way, they can go to Email Templates > Settings Tab.

Appointment Tab Shows All Team Appointments

When you are on a contact, you can now view ALL appointments your contact has scheduled with your entire team. We used to show you the appointments you scheduled, we now show the appointments your team scheduled also. We have also added a new column to show who scheduled the appointment.

Social Connector Shows Multiple Photos
The Social Connector will now show you multiple profile pics. You may scroll through and even choose which one to use as your Contact Photo. You will see a number in the corner of the picture if there are multiples, 1/2 for example if you are looking at picture 1 of 2 pictures.
Bonus additions – you will see gender and more Google Plus matches.

Recent Folder Added to Template Picker Pop Up
When you are looking for a template in a drop down, you will now see a Recent folder option. This will make finding a template you just edited faster. For example, if you are looking to send a blast, you can click to the list of templates and select the Recent folder. It will show you the last few templates you edited.

Export in Batches

We’ve changed the export contact process. If users have more than 5,000 contacts in their system, they will need to export multiple files. This will fix the issues with large export file errors and it will allow for the files to be imported back into an account (the import limits the file to 5,000 contacts).

Custom ClientTouch Actions, Custom Action Set Actions and More

We are planning for the upcoming Summit 2018! If you haven’t already, mark your calendar for May 6 & 7. Email if you have questions and let me know you are coming!

As for the updates, these are kind of technical, but allow for a lot of customization of your system!

Custom ClientTouch Actions
With the help of your developer, you can create Custom ClientTouch Actions in your White Label Version of AllClients.  Custom Client Touch Actions call external services and allow your users to do almost anything.  (Send postcards to contacts, send to another database, send to a mailing house, etc… There’s really no limit!). Learn more on our Developer Blog post: Custom ClientTouch Actions.

Custom Action Set Actions
With the help of your developer, you can create Custom Action Set Actions in your White Label Version of AllClients. Learn more on our Developer Blog post: Custom Action Set Actions

Add Uneditable System Notes to Contacts
Using a new option in AddContactNote, you can specify that a note is a “System Note”.  These notes will not be bolded, will have a special icon, and not be editable by the user.     Check out the documentation on the notes field in the AddContactNote API Documentation.

We talked earlier about the ability to add Custom Contact Tabs. Here is some new documentation on how to make the them happen. Custom Contact Tabs Documentation.

Have you seen the December API Updates? If not check them out here:  December API Updates.

Attachment Count, Customized Content Pages and API Updates

Attachment Count
We now display on the Contact Record the number of file attachments on a contact record. You will not see a count if there are no attachments.


Customize Your Content Pages
Learn more about how to include Account ID’s and Team Member ID’s in your Content Pages in this article: Customize the Content Pages.

New API Functions and Updates
If you are using the API, you may want to review this article to learn more about new API options.

Funnel Blueprints

Funnel Blueprints can be found in Action Sets, Autoresponders, Landing Pages and To-Do Plans. Check them out:

You will be able to Edit from the Funnel Blueprint page and you will find breadcrumb links at the top of the page to help you get back to where you want in the clicking process.

You are welcome to use this video in your Video Tutorials. Use this link:

3 Updates to Reports

Duplicate Contact Report Add to ClientTouch
You can now add a contact from the Duplicate Contact report to ClientTouch. You can use this to export a copy of the duplicates before you delete them, or print a list, etc. Click the ClientTouch Icon to add the contact. When the icon is green, the contact is included in the ClientTouch workgroup.


Duplicate Contact Report Search by Phone Number
The Duplicate Contact Report now has an option to search for duplicates using the phone number. This does search against all 4 phone number fields and will find matches across the fields.


Birthday & Anniversary Report Add to ClientTouch
You can now add the people from your Birthday and Anniversary Report to ClientTouch. Use the ClientTouch icon as described above to add the contacts to ClientTouch.
Warning: The system will include Primary & Other Contact names from ClientTouch. They will not be specific to only the person with the Birthday.

Visit Groups of Rolodex Contacts Faster, New Advanced Search and More

Previous and Next from the Rolodex
When you are on a contact record and you click the Previous or Next Arrow it will take you to the previous or next contact in the contact list filter. We’ve now added this for the contacts you click from the Rolodex.


New Advanced Search Option
We have created a new search in the Advanced Search options. You may now search for contacts that have never been assigned a specific Autoresponder. Look for Never Assigned This Autoresponder in the search drop down.


Quickly Delete To-Do Plans
In the Settings, To-Do Plan page, we’ve added the option of deleting a plan from the main list with the trash can icon to make deleting plans easier.


Add Referrals & Related to ClientTouch, Modifications to Email Notes and More

Related Contacts – Add to ClientTouch
You wanted to be able to work with your Related Contacts as a group. You can now add the group to ClientTouch from any one of the Related Contact’s records.


Referrals – Add to ClientTouch
You wanted to be able to work with your Referrals as a group. You can now add a contact’s referrals all to ClientTouch from the Referrals Tab on the Contact’s record.


Notes about an Email include the Template Name
If you are using a template to send out an email, the template name and subject will now be included in the contact note about the email. If you do not use a template, you will continue to see just the subject.


API Functions Allow Contact Search by Other Email
You may now use the other email to search for a contact. Learn more on this developer blog post.


Import Custom Phone Labels
You may now choose to use our phone number labels or import your own. Learn how on this knowledge base article.


Autocomplete City+State, Email Blast Processing and More

We’ve made a few changes you will want to check out in your system.

Autocomplete City+State
Add the Zip Code and the City and State fields will prefill for you. This works with manually added contacts.

Email Blast Processing
When sending an Email Blast, the screen will change almost immediately to the processing bar. This will help prevent people clicking the send button multiple times.

Webhooks in Action Sets
This option is coming soon. Let me know if you would like to be a Beta Tester for this feature.

A few developer changes to note:
You can now get the user logins on the GetActivityLog API.

You can use your master API credentials instead of each user’s API Key.

Link our database with contacts in another database with the OtherSystemID.

Change Passwords, Edit Autoresponder Emails and More

We’ve added a few things that you now have in your system. These are some of the requests that started at the Partner Summit. Check them out.

Update Account Passwords
You can now update passwords in the Admin.

Update an Email Template in the Autoresponder Edit Screen
When creating or editing an Autoresponder series, you may now preview and/or edit the email template from the Autoresponder edit screen.

We’ve added tracking to show how you got to an edit screen (and links to get to any part of the tracking). This is in with the Autoresponder, Edit Template and will be used in other places as we add the ability to edit from more places.

Email Template Header Options
The email Create Date is now the more requested Last Changed date. You can now also sort by the Column Headers in the Email Template section.

Here are a few reminders of items that we mentioned at the Summit.

Add variables to your header to customize your user experience. Find out more about that on our Partner Blog.

Communications Accounts automatically sync at midnight. You no longer need to manually sync them.

You can use your Communications Account to trigger Action Sets for new account. Find out more about that here.

Landing Pages trigger Action Sets, Easily Copy Action Set Steps and More

Run an Action Set from a Landing Page 
You can now trigger an Action Set with a Landing Page submission. Go to the Actions Tab of a Landing Page to select your Action Set to run.


Action Set – Copy Step to Clipboard
If a step in your Action Set contains a lot of detail and you will be duplicating the step in this Action Set or other Action Sets, you can now copy the step to a clipboard and insert the copied step later.


New Default Account Settings
You may now adjust the Account Settings in your Default Account to match how you would like new accounts to be set up for Date Format, Money Format and Phone Number Format. You may also choose to Allow Duplicates.


ClientTouch, Group Edit – Mark Contact Inactive
If you have a group of contacts you would like to mark Inactive, you may now use ClientTouch and the Group Edit option.



Advanced Search Date Filter Term
We’ve added a new search term for any Date filters in the Advanced Search. You may now look for Dates NOT in the Last # of Days.


We also have some exciting new tools for partners we will releasing at our AllClients Partner Summit next month.